Time Travel

Throughout many different TV shows and movies, the theory of time travel has been told in many different ways. Whether it has been through Star Trek, Doctor Who, or even Harry Potter, there have been various approaches as to how time travel would impact our reality. However, after observing the characteristics of time itself and after comparing different models of time travel, I think that we can find some very probable conclusions about time travel, if it ever becomes a reality.

One idea in particular that I would like to emphasize is the concept that you cannot change the past; at best, the past is already changed. For instance, if I wanted to go back in time and observe how the pyramids were created in Egypt, I may find that my presence during that period in time was crucial to designing the pyramids, but I would not be able to prevent the pyramids from being created nor change how we know them to be in the future because the timeline of the universe should take precedence over my own timeline. In other words, time is fixed. This idea was emphasized in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where certain elements in the past made more sense when realizing that they occurred as a result of time travel, but the overall coarse of time could not be changed. For a time traveler, his or her future may become part of the past.

While other shows like Star Trek or Doctor who take the argument that time can sometimes be rewritten by certain individuals, I do not agree. Time controls us, ands exists outside of someone’s individual perception.

Another idea that is emphasized about time travel is a paradox. Can the same person exist in two different places? Can a person exist in time before he or she is born? These questions highlight the dangers of time travel, and how it may in fact be impossible. However, if it is possible, how can the universe exist with a paradox? When the laws of the universe no longer become laws, the universe loses definition. As such, the idea that a paradox would rip apart time and space is reasonable to consider.


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