Top 10 Board Games (#10)

Since I’ve seen many top ten lists now and then, I thought I’d finally get around to making my own. There are many great strategy board games out there (which deviate significantly from the typical Monopoly, Clue, and Risk) and I want to highlight them. Guaranteed, I recognize that there are still many more really great games out there that I haven’t played yet, but I want to focus on the games that I have played. Without further ado, lets start the list!

10. Nexus Ops

A game of conquest, gather a bunch of minis, attempt to control different territories, and lots of dice rolling for combat. Sounds a lot like Risk, right? Well this game takes the things you like about Risk, enhances them, and then eliminates some of the things you really didn’t like about Risk. If you like the whole idea of building an army and attacking your friends for control of the map, but don’t like the idea of being eliminated early in the game and/or waiting a multitude of hours for the game to finish, then this game is a perfect fit. In addition, the variability of having 6 different types of units to incorporate into your army (from simple human miners to rubium dragons) certainly makes the game all the more interesting. However, one final feature that really makes this game all the more engaging is the cards. Throughout the game, you not only gather victory points through winning battles but also through completing secret objectives that only you, and none of the other players, know about. Furthermore, playing a special card from your hand during a key battle can really turn things around and help to prevent repetitive combats.

Overall, this is my go-to conquest game for 2 to 4 players (preferably with 3 or 4). The game plays in about 1.5 to 2 hours (unlike the possible 4 hours from a large Risk game) and remains well balanced for all players. This game is specifically designed to leave no one out of the action.



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