Top 10 Board Games (#9)

9. Summoner Wars

To describe this game in short: it is like Chess, but with two different fantasy armies, a deck managing aspect similar to collectible cards games, and a little bit of dice rolling. Basically, you take one deck representing an army (perhaps dark elves, benders, or swamp orcs) and face off against another player, maneuvering your characters throughout the board, summoning new ones, and working toward destroying your opponent’s summoner (similar to the king in Chess). I am not a person who typically likes to play chess, but I nevertheless really enjoy playing this game. It takes the strategic aspects of Chess and brings it to life with an intriguing theme. Plus, there is an added satisfaction from getting good at playing with a particular army deck, comparable to feeling attached to your deck in a collectible card game.

Overall, a fantastic two player tactical card/board game, and for me, a game that essentially replaces Chess.


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