Top 10 Board Games (#7)

7. Agricola

Ah, the well-honored Eurogame! This is such a masterfully designed game, and it certainly hits all the marks of a solid strategy board game. Unique theme? Check. Tense but enjoyable competition? Check. Encourages in-depth strategies? Check. Lots of interesting pieces to fiddle around with? Check. Has a family-friendly setup for better teaching new players and an advanced setup for experienced players? Check.

While playing a game in which you take the role of a family of farmers at first sounds kind of boring, this game really engages you into an interesting struggle of creating the best farm in town while also managing to feed your growing family. Especially when I play this background music, I really feel immersed into the game.

However, the true heart of this game is the excellent worker placement mechanics, as well as the card management in the advanced game. Knowing when to to take what resources, when and how to build new upgrades, and how to have an advantage over your opponents makes this game so elegant.

For anyone intrigued by relatively-heavy strategy games and is willing to commit a good length of time to the game, I would absolutely recommend trying this out.




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