Top 10 Board Games (#1)

1. Memoir ’44

And finally, my number one favorite game, Memoir ’44. To me, this is a masterpiece. The card driven mechanics which gives orders to the three sides of the battlefield is absolutely excellent at adding enough randomness and another layer of strategy, while also capturing the element of the confusion of war. The combat is simple, but effective. The game is so widely replayable, with easily customizable battlefields and a myriad of scenarios involving many different special units. This is the go-to two player strategy game, as well as one of the best World War II board games in my opinion.

I suppose, though, I should mention that this game really holds a special place on my shelf because it largely introduced me to the board gaming hobby. I love how this game can be played in an hour, and yet still provides a very intriguing battle experience that can sometimes create an interesting story. And if one battle just isn’t enough, there are campaigns that you can play through: a set of five games that respond to the wins and loses of two opposing forces within the context of the actually campaigns of World War II.

Anyway, I am sure that it is clear how much I like Memoir ’44 (I mean, I even have the box of the base game signed by the designer). I think that I have really surprised my friends with this game at how unique it is and how it changes people’s perspective of a World War II game. This game is easily accessible, and it is one of the most replayable games out there.


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