A Look into an Overlooked Hobby

Within my final project in Media Studio Imaging, I wanted to showcase tabletop gaming, a very enjoyable hobby of mine,  in a way comparable to the highly advertized video gaming hobby. While video games flood modern media outlets, modern board games, card games, and miniatures games receive little to no attention. Video games are often heralded for their beautiful graphics when the innovative and fascinating art designs of tabletop games gain little attention. In addition, there are unique benefits to the tabletop gaming hobby that is not seen in the video gaming hobby (such as always having the multiplayer interaction local, not needing to additionally buy a console, and not needing to worry about backwards compatibility).

Now, my intent is not to say that I dislike the video game hobby (I even find it is much better for solo gaming), but it is, in fact, to present these images in the hope of gaining more attention for an often overlooked hobby.


(final) dice_collage_final


(FINAL) GameBox_final(pixels_and_vectors)_v2


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