Another Dimension

Originally written by me on December 20th of last year:

With the common discussions over the purpose of life, some topics that have come up are the soul and the possibility of a life after death, thoughts about ghosts, and thoughts about possible other dimensions. Recently I have been thinking, is there some connection that can be made between these strong concepts? Is there some universal concept that can bring them all together? Perhaps there is one.


A thought that I have is: what if the soul is a connection to another dimension? Through the superstring theory, it is scientifically possible that there are at least 10 dimensions, many of which we cannot see. So, who is to say that the soul is essential a form of us in another dimension that we cannot see or fully feel? In this way, it would make sense that we have such a hard time to prove that we have a soul yet commonly have the arguments that we do have a soul. It may exist in reality, but not seem to exist within our perceivable dimensions. Furthermore, what if ghosts come from a connection to souls from another dimension? This could also explain why we have so many witnesses that argue for the presence of ghosts and why we concurrently fail to catch definitive evidence of ghosts. The explanation may be that they come from a dimension that we cannot perceive. Finally, when trying to determine the possibility of an afterlife, a common question that gets asks is “Where do we go?” or “Where is heaven?” We have proven that it is not in the sky, since we have built aircraft and even shot rockets, satellites, and other devices beyond Earth’s sky and into space. When in space, is it possible to find heaven somewhere in the universe? Also, once we got there, wouldn’t there be some limit to the population to prevent overcrowding? Well, if we picture a form of the afterlife, such as heaven, as existing in another dimension, then we could give possible answers to these questions. If heaven existed in another dimension, then it would not necessarily be subject to the limit of three-dimensional space (thus solving the occupancy issue). Its existence in another dimension would also solve the conundrum that we can reach it, yet we cannot current see it until we are dead. In this sense, if our soul is a connection to this other dimension, then it would make sense that our soul is the key to the afterlife. Once your body in this three-dimensional reality has died, perhaps you become more in-tune with the other dimension through the existence of your soul.


Anyway, this is just a philosophical theory, which is at least nearly impossible to prove. Also, it may have the resonance of a sci-fi theme, but that is due to my strong interest in sci-fi as well as science and math in general; that’s just how I think. In this way, I can recognize how theories as ambiguous as this one are often influenced significantly by the person who thought of the theory.


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