“Mood Patches”

Originally written by me on February 7th:

Recently, I watched a Doctor Who episode which grimly showed a new Earth n the year Five Billion and Forty-Three in which people commonly bought and sold mood patches which would be taken as drugs to give people emotions and other mental states. By applying the patch to the skin, chemical would be released into the body to produce “happiness,” “bliss,” or even allow a person to intentionally forget about a tragic event. In the end, the “Bliss” mood patch became highly addictive and eventually killed a myriad of people with a chemical side-effect, however the symbolism remains clear that emotions should not be artificially and that life is not all about the moods that we want to have. Life is not all about happiness but also about sadness. Life is not fair, but life is also not artificial.

(To give a better idea of what I am talking about, you can take a look at this video up to 1:15, which is a scene from this episode of Doctor Who which highlights the mood patches.)

Whether or not you are significantly interested in science fiction, I think that this brief story is a good topic of discussion, even without the sci-fi context. What if we could control our moods in an artificial way. Would this kind of control be detrimental to life and humanity? How much control should we have over life? Is life in fact more wholesome with a balance between good and bad things?


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