Technology and Freedom

Originally written by me on February 18th:

Given our common discussions about freedom and about the benefits and negative consequences of technology within society, I would like to bring up this commercial which aired during the Super Bowl and has continued to air periodically on TV ever since. In particular, I find the words given by Steve Gleason most interesting:

“What is Technology?
What can it do?
How far can we go?
Technology has the power to unite us.
It inspires us.
Technology has taken us places we only dream.
It gives hope to the hopeless.
And it has given Voice to the Voiceless”
With the commercialization of Microsoft taken aside, I think that this video gives a powerful philosophical message about technology and society. Most importantly, it emphasizes how it gives us outstanding freedom. From being able to still paint without proper eyesight, to being able to hear for the first time, to “[giving] voice to the voiceless,” technology has allowed people to overcome significant obstacles which would normally have to be accepted as a loss of freedom. Furthermore, technology allows us to explore with much greater freedom than ever imagined before. Using the Hubble telescope to capture images far into the universe and being able to travel to the moon are among various important steps toward exploration that would not have been possible without technology.

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