Thoughts of Life and Completeness

Originally written by me on May 3rd:

One key aspect about the big question about how we would spend the final moments of our lives if we knew how much time we had left to live (which I think everyone partially recognizes but may not fully address) is the importance of completion in our lives. If you only had a few days to live and you were just starting out in college, would you continue to rigorously work on a particular major or toward a long term career? Probably not. And why? Because the ultimate goal of getting a degree for your major or getting that job could not possibly be obtained within that short span of time. So what would you do instead? You would probably look toward activities such as traveling or skydiving or visiting friends and family. What is the key difference in this mindset. All of these activities are short term goals, which can certainly be completed within the short time you have left.

While there is certainly a strong argument for living each day like it was your last, taking your best efforts to leave no regrets and to not continually push off things to tomorrow, but I think that we need to recognize one major problem with literally living each day like it was your last. By doing so, you would miss the major part of life involved with long-term commitments and goals. Such commitments and goals are what truly define us and make us more than just spontaneous. Such things are what show that life is more than just momentary pleasures and how there is a much greater satisfaction from accomplishing something you have worked so long and hard on.

Nevertheless, all of these ideas connect to one major point in humanity, we all want completion. We find it a waste of time, and rightfully so, to continue to live through the same everyday rigorous lifestyle if you knew you only had a few days left to live and may not have time to complete certain long term goals.  So, as always, the focus should be on balance. We should be willing to take the risk of assuming that we will have the time to accomplish our dreams and thus work towards it, but we should not lose sight of the people right in front of us and we should better appreciate each living day.


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