Where is science in the news?

Originally written by me on May 27th:

So I recently came across this image which summarized the interesting scientific achievements from last week:

This Week In Science

After coming across this, I was puzzled by one important question: why don’t we generally know about this kind of news? To think, that I even had to spend great effort to find this news in science on the internet for this blog shows where the priorities of the news media do not lie. Ultimately, I believe that this shows us very clearly what defines our culture. The news is so consumed with entertainment, finding out what is happening with different celebrities, as well as news about a controversial picture that surfaced in social media and what various officials have said during formal dinners, and so on. While, yes, there are also very important news stories, especially on tragedies, that prevails the news media, it seems clear that science does not get as much publicity as would be expected in what we might commonly call the science and technological age. Overall, I do not think that the problem of priorities and how to responsibly use technology merely lies in the youth of today, but rather also in the community of adults behind the media.

While, I will admit that I am a busy person who does not spend as much time as I should reading the news, I think that I will take this experience as a motivation to pay more attention, especially as I am transitioning after high school.


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